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Today's Hebrew Date: 16 Kislev 5784

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Digital Yahrzeit was created by Mount Sinai Memorial Parks and Mortuaries as a free online application which sends reminders of upcoming Yahrzeit dates.


In the Jewish community, Yahrzeit (Yiddish for anniversary) refers to the observances that commemorate the anniversary of a death.  Yahrzeit can be observed for any relative or friend, but it is meant primarily for one’s parents, siblings, children, or spouse — that is, the relatives for whom Jewish law requires mourning rites when they die.  Observing a Yahrzeit traditionally includes saying the Mourner’s Kaddish prayer in the synagogue during the evening, morning, and afternoon services of the anniversary.


Even though Jewish religious law (Halachah) does not require lighting a Yahrzeit candle (that is, one that lasts at least 24 hours), it has become a common tradition to do so in memory of the deceased. One lights the candle during the evening of the anniversary (because days in the Hebrew calendar begin and end at sunset). If the Yahrzeit occurs on a Friday night and Saturday, light the Yahrzeit candle before lighting the Sabbath candles; if it occurs on a Saturday night and Sunday, light the Yahrzeit candle after chanting Havdalah.


Mount Sinai’s Digital Yahrzeit application offers the user the opportunity to “light” an unlimited number of online candles, which like traditional Yahrzeit candles will remain lit for a 24 hour period. This online application is by no means designed as a replacement for a traditional Yahrzeit candle. Rather, we designed this application to serve as a mobile, visible reminder of the solemnity of the day which can be accessed on any computer screen, mobile phone or tablet (No special apps required).


Mount Sinai’s Digital Yahrzeit is available to the public free of charge and we encourage our registered users to use the site frequently as a reminder of the death of the various people whom one is remembering and honoring.

Yahrzeit Candle