Every life has a story. Every story has a life.

Family Planner and Guide

A specially designed volume to help you share three unique special treasures with your family.

  • Treasured memories from your life and the life of your family that you want others to remember. You’ll even find a special Memento Folder attached to the back cover to help you organize photos and other mementos.
  • Your wishes and desires regarding your funeral ceremony – a gift of peace of mind for you and for your loved ones. For your convenience, at the back of the volume you’ll find a detachable summary document that you can keep on file, for ease and safekeeping, with the offices of Mount Sinai Memorial Parks and Mortuaries.
  • Vital personal and financial information, such as banking, insurance and the location of wills and other documents that will be needed.

When you take time to fill out these pages and bring your family treasures together in one place, you provide loved ones with an unparalleled gift — the gift that will make it easy for loved ones to preserve your family legacy.

Here is what you’ll record in your Family Planner

  • Personal information
  • A place to record your personal thoughts and reflections
  • A memento keeper for precious photos and documents
  • Something about your family
  • Your career and personal accomplishments
  • Persons, and organizations to be notified
  • Location of safe deposit boxes
  • Banking and Insurance information
  • Personal property inventory
  • Cemetery and Funeral service instruction

If you would like additional information from one of our Advance Planning Representatives, please call (866) 71-SINAI.

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