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Choosing the Right Property

Traditional Lawn Space
This “traditional” interment choice consists of a single space available in a variety of beautiful settings.

Double Depth Lawn Space
A variation on traditional ground spaces, double depth consists of one interment space atop the other.

Lawn Crypt
The lawn crypt is cement-lined and consists of one space above the other, located in our garden areas or courts. Pre-crypted spaces offer families an excellent property value.

Companion Estate
This is especially fitting for couples and features two side-by-side spaces arranged in front of a wall for semi privacy, with a pillow block for the family name. Companion estates are always in garden areas, with special plantings and benches accenting each of four or five estates.

Family Estate
Similar to a Companion Estate, but consisting of two double-depth lawn crypts side-by-side, allowing for up to four interments.  Additionally, many of our Family Estates have an enhanced style of pillow block to further distinguish them.

Family Garden
This beautifully distinguished private enclosure features four to twelve spaces, a bench, special plantings, walkways and a pillow block for your family name.

Wall Crypts and The Caves of Abraham
Interment within a wall or cave is a tradition that dates to Biblical times. The earliest reference to this type of burial is in Genesis, in the account of Abraham’s acquisition of the caves of Machpelah as a burial site for his beloved wife, Sarah.

Mount Sinai has brought this ancient tradition into the present with elegant wall crypts at Mount Sinai Memorial Park in Hollywood Hills and with The Caves of Abraham, a contemporary interpretation of this revered approach, at our Park in Simi Valley.

Wall crypts are available in single spaces or in side-by-side or front-and-back double configurations at various heights above the ground.

The Courts of Abraham

The Courts of Abraham provide many options for Jewish burial.  Ground and wall crypt burial spaces are available for singles to large families.  Choices of walkway property in the ground, to wall crypts in a courtyard setting, beautifully adorned with mosaic tile and enhanced by artistic features, provide comfort to the visitors.

Please call (800) 600-0076 to speak to an advance planning representative to explain all the available options.