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Jerome's Obituary

Jerome (Jerry ) Miller Sept 16, 1928 (Independence, Missouri)- March 3, 2013 (Hidden Hills, California) 84 years old.

Loyal and devoted husband of Dr. Erica Miller. Exceptional father to Diana (Greg) Turk and John Miller. Proud grandfather to Shayna Turk, Andrew Turk, Talia Turk, Joshua Miller and Eli MIller.

First Jewish boy born in Independence Missouri. Later lived in Kansas City, Missouri, Tujunga, Sepulveda and Hidden Hills. Was a proud Trojan (USC '51) and teaching credential from UCLA. Proudly served in the US Army and stationed in Heidelberg during the Korean War. He stayed in touch with many of his friends from childhood but especially with the boys of Tujunga. He was a very successful self made entrepeneur who succeeded in his real estate investments in Austin, Texas yet was very humble, unpretentious and uncomplicated.

He loved teling jokes and making people laugh. For some reason everything that would happen to him would turn out to be a comedy. He had a way with telling stories/jokes and touched all who he met. It brought him great pleasure in making other people happy. Since he knew he was dying and he would read the obituaries every day (to make sure that his name wasnt in there) he wanted to be known as a decent individual, that it made him feel good to help others and that he had a sense of humor. There you go dad.......you were all of those and much more! May you rest in peace. You will always be loved and cherished by your family and friends

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Mount Sinai Hollywood Hills
March 6, 2013, 12:00 PM