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Funeral and Burial

Jewish Rituals Relating to Death, Burial and Mourning

The personal grief of those who mourn the death of their loved ones is addressed very specifically by centuries-long Jewish laws, customs and traditions.

Since such events occur rarely in a lifetime, many Jews are either unaware of, or are distant from such matters. Mount Sinai is here to educate, to bring order into a challenging time, to present the options, to respect your traditions and wishes and to honor the deceased and serve the living.

Often the knowledge and counseling of a rabbi may be comforting.  At Mount Sinai we respect individual practices and different emphases; we are here for you, and for your family.

Additionally, in accordance with our traditional Jewish burial customs, we regularly work with Chevra Kadisha organizations from all around the country to ensure proper burial at Mount Sinai.

If you are planning in advance, we invite you to read The Mount Sinai Guide to Traditional Jewish Funeral Practices. You can request a free copy by filling out the form below.

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