Every life has a story. Every story has a life.

Aerial footage of Mount Sinai Memorial Park - Simi Valley

It is customary to observe the Yahrzeit or anniversary of the death of a loved one by attending services and reciting the Kaddish prayer, which is an affirmation of life. Yahrzeit is also observed by lighting a small yahrzeit candle in your home at or near sundown on the eve of the anniversary of the day of death; and making a donation to charity in the memory of the person who has died.

If you wish to learn the Kaddish prayer so that when you go to your temple you will feel comfortable in joining the group recitation, click here.

Contact Mount Sinai for a written calendar of Yahrzeit dates, and visit us for a Yahrzeit candle. Or, to retrieve a Yahrzeit date on this page, type in either the English or Hebrew date of death, then click on either English to Hebrew or Hebrew to English.

Yahrzeit calculations are dependent upon both the day and time of death. If the time of death was after sundown, use the next day’s date to determine the appropriate Yahrzeit dates. (Example: Day and time of death: April 1,
7:00 p.m.; Use April 2 on the English calendar.)