Every life has a story. Every story has a life.

Aerial footage of Mount Sinai Memorial Park - Simi Valley

The Kaddish is recited by those who have recently lost a loved one, those within the first year of mourning, and those marking a Yahrzeit, the yearly anniversary of a loved one’s death. The Kaddish is not about death. It is, instead, an affirmation of life in the face of the mystery and the tragedy of death.

Hallowed and enhanced may God be throughout the world of creation. May Your sovereignty soon be accepted, during our life and and the life of all Israel. And let us say: Amen.

May God be praised throughout all time.

Glorified and celebrated, lauded and worshiped, acclaimed and honored, extolled and exalted may the Holy One be, praised beyond all song and psalm, beyond all tributes that mortals can utter. And let us say: Amen.

Let there be abundant peace from Heaven, with life’s goodness for us and for all the people Israel. And let us say: Amen.

May the source of peace in the universe, bring peace to us and to all Israel [and to all the inhabitants of the world]. And let us say: Amen.

Yit-ga-dal v’yit ka-dash sh’meih ra-ba, Amen.

b’al ma di-v’ra chi-ru-tei, v’yam lich mal-chu-tei

b’cha-yei-chon uv’yo-mei-chon

uv’chay-yei d’chol beit Yis-ra-eil,

ba-a-ga-la u-viz man ka-riv, v’im’ru. Amen


Y’hei sh’meih ra-ba m’va’rach

l’a-lam ul’al-mei al-ma’ya. [Yit-ba-rach]


Yit-ba-rach v’yish-ta-bach,

v’yit-pa-ar v’yit-ro-mam v’yit-na-sei,

v’yit-ha-dar  v’yit-a-leh v’yit-ha-lal, sh’meih d’ku-d’sha, b’rich-hu,

l’ei-la (ul-ei-la) min kol bir-cha-to v’shi-ra-ta,

tush-b’cha-ta v’ne-che-ma-ta, da-a-mi-ran b’al-ma, v’im-ru:



Y’hei sh’la-ma ra-ba min sh’ma-yam

V’chai-yim, a-lei-nui v’al kol Yis-ra-eil,

V’imru: Amen.