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Aerial footage of Mount Sinai Memorial Park - Simi Valley
Hollywood Hills

In the Fullness of Days, a Place of Peace and Serenity














Nature flourishes on the slopes and in gardens of our serene Memorial Park in the Hollywood Hills adjacent to Griffith Park. Trees provide¬†canopies of green, flowers bloom year round, and fountains provide a soothing atmosphere. In this tranquil setting is Southern California’s premier Jewish cemetery, chosen by more Los Angeles area Jewish families for memorials to loved ones than any other.

Throughout the Park, architecture and artwork reflects Jewish tradition and experience, echoing the hues of the Israeli landscape, and integrating our heritage in mosaics and artifacts.

The Park features a wide variety of sites from which to choose. You can select traditional individual, companion or tiered ground spaces, wall crypts, companion estates or gardens for couples or families. Your Mount Sinai representative will assist you in determining an appropriate location.

To make an appointment or for more information about Mount Sinai Memorial Park in the Hollywood Hills, call 800-600-0076 and ask for our Sales Manager, Martha White.

Simi Valley