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Message from the General Manager


A few weeks ago, I was asked to participate in an on-air interview with Madeline Brand on public radio station KCRW to discuss how the drought affects our cemetery operations.

Over the course of our conversation, I explained how for the past 28 years, Mount Sinai has adapted the practice of using reclaimed/ recycled water for our irrigation and landscaping needs.  We acquire our reclaimed water through the Los Angeles Glendale Water Reclamation Plant, a facility that reclaims 20 million gallons of water per day and provides the recycled water to several golf courses and cemeteries, as well as supplying cooling water to a Glendale power plant

Because the radio interview focused on the operational benefits we experience from using recycled water, it ultimately presented me with a unique forum to explain why we feel that it is so important that we keep our Mount Sinai parks green, lush, pristine and beautifully maintained.

As I explained to Madeline, “The Hebrew word for cemetery, “Beyt Chayim” which is inscribed on our front gates, translates to “House of the Living”.  Our parks represent a place of memory and a place of life which is warm and welcoming, and in our case green.

To hear the entire radio interview, click here

Over the next few weeks, I encourage you to take the time to visit our parks to honor loved ones or simply stroll through our gardens and enjoy the view.  Our parks are open Sunday through Friday 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM daily.  We are closed on Saturdays in observance of the Sabbath.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to me.

From the entire Mount Sinai family, we wish you and your families a happy and joyous Chanukah!

Len Lawrence, General Manager
Mount Sinai Memorial Parks and Mortuaries

Phone:   323-769-1301
Email:    llawrence@mountsinaiparks.org.

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