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Leonard Lawrence
General Manager


Throughout our lives, at special occasions, we recite blessings. These blessings reflect the beauty and solemnity of an occasion; they reflect the feelings of the heart; they reflect the joy of a simcha and the sorrow of a loss.  Taken together the blessings that we recite form a mosaic of our lives and our memories.

I am proud to announce that Mount Sinai Memorial Parks and Mortuaries commissioned a special work of art to commemorate the blessings of our lives by noted Los Angeles artist Ruth Merritt, and fabricated by Los Angeles artist, Roberto Cjorniak.  The mosaic, “Blessings” is installed at our newest addition to our Hollywood Hills Park – Blessings Terrace.

I invite you to view the mosaic during normal Park hours. Mount Sinai’s staff will be happy to direct you to the site, and if you like, will provide more information about the mosaic and the Park.

I am also pleased to offer you a gift of an  11 x 14  inch signed poster of the mosaic ready for framing.

Please click on the mosaic banner photo above or this link and fill out a simple form and we will send it to you with our blessings.

When you visit the site you may also want to look at the beautiful spaces available at Blessings Terrace.  It is a unique combination of cemetery plots – single spaces, companion estates, family gardens and the Terrace mausoleum.  Mount Sinai is proud to present a 3 level wall mausoleum all of whose spaces are within easy reach and touch. There are also family spaces available in the wall structure for 2 to 20 family members.

For more information please call me at 323-769-1301 or email me at llawrence@mountsinaiparks.org.

May all of our lives continue to be for a Blessing.

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Planning Ahead

A Message From Rabbi David Wolpe, Sinai Temple

Judaism is a tradition that combines deep wonder about the world with a clear eyed view of the difficulties and tragedies of life. We learned early that each new community must build both schools and cemeteries. Both learning and marking the traditions and lives of our ancestors would sustain us.

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Our Services

Memorial tablet creation

We will assist you in designing a tablet that will provide meaningful personal expression, in thought and symbol, which we hope will comfort you and your family. [more]

Education through publications

The personal grief of those who mourn the death of their loved ones is addressed very specifically by centuries-long Jewish laws, customs and traditions.  [more]


  • 1st Day of Rosh Hashanah - September 25, 2014 ~ Park Closed
  • Kever Avot - September 28, 2014 ~ 10:00 am Hollywood Hills; 1:00 pm Simi Valley
  • Yom Kippur - October 4, 2014 ~ Park Closed
  • 1st Day of Sukkot – October 9, 2014 ~ Park Closed
  • Shemini Atzeret – October 16, 2014 ~ Park Closed


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